An Enchanted Business

Enchanted Bake Shop started in 2010 in a small Southern Oregon bakery. Chef Lori was making meringue mushrooms for her son's birthday cake when she accidentally changed the traditional recipe, with a great result. She found that these adorable meringue mushrooms were not only cute, but held their crunch on cakes and tasted delicious. 

Chef Lori sold the  business in 2015, but the meringues are still painstakingly made by hand in Southern Oregon with her guidance - and use fresh egg whites, superfine sugar, Tahitian vanilla, and 67% dark chocolate. Each cap and stem is hand piped, then secured gently with the finest chocolate. There are no assembly lines here, everything is hand mixed, hand made, hand assembled, hand packed.

What happened to Chef Lori? She still owns French Connection and is cooking up other treats. If you're looking for her site, you can find it here